Cuz why not? #09

I considered you my only mate
Never made you think I was running late

I had love for you which was great

I know I’ll get what’s in my fate

And I already have too much on my plate

Yo Mona Lisa I don’t need a date

All my love is what I need to celebrate

Said let’s not complicate

I check my phone as I see it vibrate

But no texts from you is what I hate

I am afraid to realize what it does indicate

Your feelings for me I can’t locate

You thought I was going to imitate

But I was here neither to imitate nor to dominate

I have many more things on my mind to concentrate

Things associated to you make me suffocate

You can tell it even by my gait

But I need something to motivate

My feelings to close the gate

Good heart is what I need to activate

So much hate and hurt is what I ate

I lost the game after checkmate

Now new ways are what I need to create

Guess to whom this poem I dedicate?