We meet a lot of different people on a regular basis. Some stay for long and some just pass by us. Those who stay, stay for a reason. We don’t always know the reason of their presence in our lives. But time tells us. Some people prove to be good for us and some bad. They come to show us a new face of life, human nature. Lessons come with these new faces. We get to know who to trust and who are deceiving us. Every single new person we meet shows us the meaning of life. Sometimes it’s hard to not expect from people we think are good for/to us. Expectations lead to disappoint I know, we know. But still like we are humans we do expect even if it’s as little as rotten leaf. But this is part of life I say. If we don’t get hit by reality how will we absorb the lessons? Bad things happen to us to make us stronger. Only strong humans can withstand storms. We are prepared for our battles to be fought in future. We need these lessons.

So whenever any human being on the face of this earth saddens you by wronging you or leaving you in distress then only think about the lessons he brought with him. The toxicity will teach you a valuable lesson. Hold on to it. Wear it around your neck and whenever you question their presence and why it happened to you, just know they were here for a lesson. And that lesson has only one motive: to open your mind for future so that you don’t repeat your mistakes and ultimately make you strong inside out.

8:34 pm



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