Sad By Choice

If happiness could be bought, I will buy it for every sad person in this world. Even if I could make everyone happy I’d do try to do it. But some people are sad by choice. I know life is harder on some and fairer to some. But it’s what life is about. Who do you think lives a perfect flawless life? Nobody. Even if someone claims to be living the perfect life, there may come a time when he would be sad too. Ups and downs are part of life. On Cardiac monitor ups and downs means you’re alive, your heart’s beating and you have rays of life left.

So always try to stay calm, sometimes it would be too hard for you to stay calm I know but try to do it. Trying will make you succeed. Life goes on. As life goes on we go on too. So chose to be happy instead of sad. Whenever you’re sad just take out a moment to say “I have a lot of things to be sad about, why not can I think about the things that still make me happy or the blessings I still have, for a second?” And I hope this ‘second’ turns out to be minutes and hours and days and years for you!

12:12 pm



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