“Once you were exactly what I needed”

“Once you were exactly what I needed” This scares the hell out of me. Thinking about all the good times and laughter you share with someone. Then when he turns his back on you, you are left with nothing but memories. And when you think of him as what you once wanted this embarrasses you because you got nothing but failure and heartbreak in love. You have always thought about love being amazing, mesmerizing and successful. But not every love story ends happily, sometimes you learn that hard way. And you being the faithful and sincere one think that you don’t deserve this but still you got it. You got heartbroken, you got left out, you experienced pain. You have seen so many people falling in love and taking it to the next level where they finally unite. You think this is a shame/an embarrassing situation because like many of them you thought of uniting one day too, you thought of spending your whole life with them too but nothing of such manner happens and he/she ends up leaving you for some reason or maybe because he never was in love with you! You think you’re a failure and are not good enough because he wasn’t good enough to and for you. This shouldn’t embarrass you. You didn’t get his love because it wasn’t meant for you. Being left shouldn’t scare you because there is someone out there meant for you walking with all the love in his heart meant for you because you deserve THAT love. You deserve something better. Nothing is taken from us which is good for us. It’s taken because it has to be replaced with something better. This applies on everything. Everything!!

Sit back and put your shades on because the one for you is roaming around having no idea what a beautiful soul he is going to get. So stop complicating your life after people who don’t know your worth. Save your heart and love for the one whose name Allah Subhanahu Wa’tala has already written alongside yours!

4:56 pm



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