After all the hours I sleep

He allows me to wake up alive

With every breath I exhale

He comes closer to me

With two of my eyes

He allows me to see the beauty created by Him

With the ears He has blessed me

He allows me to hear azan five times a day

With the tongue I find in my mouth

He allows me to say Alhamdulillah

With every step I take

He doesn’t let me fall

With every prostration

He allows good to reach me

With my hands raised up to the sky

He answers my calls

With every single step towards Him

He takes two steps towards me

With every word of Quran I recite

He enlightens my life and opens my eyes

With every penny I give away in charity

He grants me more of it

With every fast I break

He blesses up my life

With every single time I bow before Him

He makes my sins fall off my shoulders

With every Ayat-ul-kursi after prayer

He ensures a place for me in Jannah

With every tear I shed on prayer mat

He knows what my heart cries for

With every Surah Kahf I recite on Friday

He orders His angels to erase my past week’s sins

With every Bismillah I recite before start of work

He helps me in gaining success


Is He not closer to me than my jugular vein?

Is He not the one who knows what in my heart?

8:07 pm



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