Strong Connection

Some things are meant to break you. But not in a bad way. They break you so they can change you and make you a better person. The things that break you today, that kill you from the inside, that crush your heart are not meant to hurt you forever. They are sent our way to tell us this world and all pains associated to it and everything found in it are not meant to stay. These things can change us on a whole new level and upgrade us. We notice that we feel sadness and distress and it seems like something’s not right or something’s gonna go wrong or there’s a burden we feel on the inside? You’ll get me if you have ever experienced this.

I’ve experienced this two times up til now and both the times I texted my friend who suggested me to offer namaz or recite Quran. And trust me this was the only way I earned rest. That unexplainable feeling went away and I was relieved.

This made me realize the importance of remembering Allah on a daily basis. Our body was shaped by Him from soil. But soul? It was blowed by Him in Adam (A.S). There’s a connection between us which needs to be refreshed daily in order for our soul to rest. That strange feeling is from our soul being uneasy. This world we live in is a trap. It’s set between eternal world and us to see how is one going to manage to live a lie and what methods he uses and decisions he makes while living here. So we need to focus on the world and life which is forever, has no end, is meant to stay forever. Our souls need recharging and we should do it on a daily basis. It’s something apart from all that we are obliged to do in Islam. It’s a soul food. Sometimes offering all the prayers, fasting, giving zakat won’t do. That’s the point when you realize you need something more to connect back to your Lord. Praising Him, doing good around you, being good, helping others, being positive, calling others to positivity and Islam will help at that point. Let’s just assume that five pillars of Islam is one whole plate of biryani, then these mentioned above and many other traits or actions act as essentials served with biryani i.e. chuttni, salad, shaami, coke and whatever you like. Biryani in itself is very delicious but having those things with it enhances it’s taste. See? You get my point now.

I know what you feel after doing good, helping someone, living a positive life and talking about our religion with worthy people. That’s probably the best feeling I know!! Praising our Lord not only revolves around prayers, fasts, recitation of Quran but it revolves around the way of living we’re taught by our Beloved Prophet ﷺ too. Do what makes Him happy and make Him bestow His blessings upon you so you can live a blessed life in this world and Hereafter. After all this you’ll feel that all the sadness and negativity fades away. You’ll feel fresh and blessed. Live your life as a Muslim like it is meant to. Then feel all the burden on your soul being shifted! 🙂

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