Toxic Bonds

Your absence drained me completely

But on the other hand

Taught me a lot of lessons

Made me realize some important things

Opened my eyes in such a way

That my vision became clearer

Or let’s say

It became clear for the very first time

It’s painful but

Worth it

Because it brought me

Closer to myself

Away from misery

Closer to peace

Away from more of pain

Closer to Lord

Away from sins

Closer to my soul

Away from devastation

Everything happens for a reason they say

They don’t lie I say

You happened to me in the blink of an eye

And thank you for teaching me

To not only notice the blues but also the greys in the sky

I can’t help but think of you

I wish you happiness it’s true

But staying away from shit is the solution I knew

Now I wish you don’t find my hue

And nothing of me for you.

2:57 am


(For all the people who were my friends once)


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