Simplicity Leads To Peace

Life doesn’t always revolve around big, astonishing, luxurious things. Sometimes if we see or live the day like an old fashioned person whose life is full of much simpler and happens-everyday-kind-of things we’ll see life is so simple. Life is as we see it. It is as we make it. It is we who have complicated it for others or people around us that have complicated it for us.

Decide a day and mark it that you’ll not go near any sort of technology and will live like a not-interested-in-tech man surrounded by natural things who is going to eat a simple one dish three times with his family members on a table. And go for a walk along the road. Read a book to your younger sibling. Clean your house. Observe the nature. See the flocks of birds arranging themselves in the sky. And you’ll see the amount of calm you feel at the end of that day will be huge as compared to our everyday “busy” and “tiring” day.

We’ve made our lives complicated. You’ll observe after this little effort that nature calms us down. Living like a simple man, having simple affairs and chores and having a simple meal with family will what you’ll desire again. Because no matter where we go, how much we modify our lifestyle or our patterns of life, at the end of the day we’re all the same. We all crave the same calm. We all know our roots, our soil. We know we came from Him. We know we belong to Him. We need not to glue our lives to things, materials, temporary world. We should spend our most of the time with our families, our friends and everything that brings us closer to Allah Subhanahu Wa’tala. Nothing in this world is permanent we know that for sure.

We know we are born in a complicated world but that doesn’t mean we always need to stress out, always complain about things at work, always make faces when asked to do something, always argue. No! We need to learn how to calm ourselves down and how to make our lives easier. Ups and downs are a part of life but we must know how to make it through without losing control. Talk through it so that you can walk through it.

So why make our lives or other’s lives miserable? Please make way for love, peace, serenity, togetherness, care. Please don’t let your life go in vain. Know the worth of simple yet peaceful things because only they can calm all the storms down.

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