Build New – A Better You!

It forms a small crack in my heart when I know someone doing well in studies or professional life and creating something out of them, are so naive and the next thing I hear about them is that they’re ruining their life or have ruined their lives after someone/something. It can be a friend, a bad experience, a bad relationship. I feel so happy when I see or hear about someone achieving greater things in life. And if you read their stories they surely will inspire you because they go so far not because luck was on their side. But because they encountered failure, they lost people, they worked really hard, they had to cross some limits, they had to think out of the box, they had to go on the other side of ‘No’ or ‘Impossible’. Learn from these people. They are out here to inspire, to tell us to get what we dream of will not be achieved just by thinking or talking about it.

So be like them and build strong walls around you. Surround yourself with good, positive and ambitious people. Have your circle small so that the storm doesn’t hit you hard. But even if it does you should be strong enough to handle it and not let it ruin your castle. Everything in this world is temporary but as long as you’ve Allah Subhanahu Wa’tala by your side, your ship is not gonna sink.

Love everyone and care for them. But don’t let them ruin you. Have your goals. Get your mind straight and focus on them. People come and go. Cherish the people who’re with you in your lows and downs. They will never abandon you and keep them close. Not everyone deserves love and care. Keep the people who prove to be toxic to your growth, success, mental health miles away from yourself. You don’t need them in your life no matter for how many years you’ve known them. Focus on your ambitions and build yourself. Don’t ruin yourself after people. Seek Allah’s help and He’ll help you out in every matter and will not let wrong people harm you in any way.

All of my point ends on a simple thing to note: Build your pillars strong enough so that no one except the Lord can demolish them and achieve greater things in life. You’ll encounter people who’ll turn you down, discourage you, tell you things that’ll break your heart, tell you that you can’t do that because you’re a girl or because that’s impossible to achieve. Don’t answer them or give them an ear. Have faith in Him and work for your goals. Catch ’em all!

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