Real Is Rare

Having a partner and being in a relationship doesn’t mean you’ll get to experience happiness all the time. Only wishing and living ups will not make it real. What will make it real is lows, downs, blows and breakdowns. Those are the times when you can prove to be helpful to them and make them realize you’re the one and you love them despite all the lows or flaws and care for them. Loving is not easy. It not only involves making food for them, buying them chocolates or flowers. It’s more than that. It involves growth. Growing together is what love is in real. Flowers can be bought by anybody but mental growth and bonding is what makes it exceptional.

So be with them in their lows if you want to be with them in their highs. One should learn to respect someone’s comfort zone and should be open-minded enough to let them have some time to themselves. Being all over them all the time is not what they would want sometimes. But again that varies from person to person. Learn what your partner is like and respect that in every manner. Love is not being fond of each other only. It includes to be strong and patient enough to handle their problems with patience and not leave them to be on their own. There will be times when they’ll need you. Be with them. Have that caring corner in your heart for them. Make yourself used to lows too because life only doesn’t revolve around flowers but thorns too. Being in a relationship is easy but maintaining it not like a job but with love and care is what it’s about.

Don’t forget if they are with you in your lows, they better be in your highs because that’s real and real is rare. Know their worth.

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