Intention Is The Key

On a normal basis we experience some days when we don’t really feel like getting up to offer our prayer. We tell ourselves that we’ll be up in a minute but deep down we know our inside knows we don’t want to get up. We scroll down Instagram or Facebook and find something amusing or interesting and get ourselves indulged in it. After sometime the voice from the inside again says to get up or we’ll miss upon our prayer and sometimes we get up and sometimes we don’t. When we don’t get up is because:

1) There’s something that maybe we’ve done wrong which caused prevention in making us to stand before our Lord. Maybe it displeased Him or maybe more, angered Him so He didn’t want us to stand before Him.

2) It is our inside’s evil that doesn’t let us to get up and we think “oh we must have done something that displeased our Lord” but this is not always the case. Here comes the role of Satan that he plays every time we hear the call to prayer. Not everything has to be blamed on our actions or deeds. Some or let’s say most of the part is played by our inside. Where our heart is. Satan promised thousands and thousands of years ago to distract His followers from the right path so that’s what he’s really doing. Making us so involved in our everyday life that we think it’s so difficult for us to get up and offer our prayers or recite Quran.

We are doomed when we stop listening to our own voice that is found inside us. Because it never lies and it knows our deepest fears and darkest truths. It knows we think it’s too much of a thing to get up and go to the basin to wash our hands, face, arms, feet while reciting Kalima Shahadah. It knows it seems like a hard task to spread the prayer mat, cover our head and say “Allah-o-akbar”. It knows we have nothing more important than what we’re actually sent from above to do still we find something that makes us think “oh yeah let me do this then I’ll offer my prayer”. It is our soul actually and it craves the name of our Lord and that’s the reason why it keeps on bugging us while we’re not making an intention or not getting up. We can be wrong but our soul cannot be.

You know that by all your heart that nothing is actually even 1% more important than what you’re told to do by your Lord. We’re obliged to offer our prayers five times a day and on time. There’s no exception in this case. No matter you’re sick, can’t stand up, can’t move, can’t touch water (due to some disease), Allah Subhanahu Wa’tala has taught us how to offer prayer in every difficult situation/position. So this clearly indicates we’re going to be asked about all our prayers that we didn’t offer and why we didn’t offer without any exception. We know its importance from the fact that it is one of the five pillars of Islam. Only five pillars there are and ‘Namaz’ is one of them. We all know from the start what immense importance it holds in Islam. If it had any less importance it’d have been mentioned in the Quran one or maybe two times and not seven hundred times. You know only getting up and making the true intention is the real key. Once you intend to do something i.e. offer your prayer, Satan cannot distract you anymore. Intention is the solid key which opens the door of prayer, success and good. Satan’s evilness can only work until you don’t intend to offer your prayer, after that he’s gone. Gone to some other Muslim, again doing what he does best. So do what we’re told to do and make the true intention before doing it because إنَّمَا الأَعْمَالُ بِالنِّيَّاتِ “Actions are (judged) by motives (niyyah).” [Al-Bukhari & Muslim]

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