Scars For Lessons

No more afraid of my scars

As they carry lessons for me

Like vessels under my flesh

Carrying blood for me

Scars hold the lessons

Necessary to be taught

Maybe a long time ago

Or maybe today

Time is just an excuse

Moral is all that I need

So here I am embracing my scars

My wounds

My regrets

And turning it into power

Power of rising against hate

Of speaking up against abuse

Of standing still against the strong winds

Of opening my eyes to the

Harsh reality of life

Life had to teach me lessons

Many more lessons to come

God has His plans

He knows what I need to learn

And when do I need to learn it

So I am going to flow with the glow

And stay strong

Have faith in myself

Have faith in Him

And let the lessons come my way.

4:23 am



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