Enlightened by the peace

Are some nights

Enlightened by inner light

Are some days

And everything is in order

Harmony is prevailed

And life is smooth

With no bumps

And many reasons are found to smile

Everything around you seems beautiful

Things even with no life seem to be smiling at you

Even for some short time

You love how everything is going well

Having no negativity

Holding no grudge

Facing no problem

Getting no hate

You yourself are at peace

Like all the even notes

Like every piece of jigsaw puzzle in its place

You look fresh

You read that book you never read

You do what you like

You write a motivating poem

You sing and dance if you like

You like everything you do

Try to find solace wherever you may find it

Because our surroundings mould us

The atmosphere describes us

The company defines us

So make wise choices

For yourself, always

As quest for peace never ends.

4:00 am



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