Minimizing Sadness

Sometimes when you’re happy and living your life at the peak that’s when sadness finds its way back to you. Then it will feel like happiness was for a short period like rain. And sadness is long-lasting like flowing river. This doesn’t let you fully live the moments of happiness and I understand that it’s not in your control. It has to come up even from nowhere. Or maybe sadness never leaves and happiness is like a visitor. We’re all sad from the inside. Even if we refuse to admit this, we can lie about this, but deep down we know we’re sad. Everyone has a different issue to be sad about. And this sadness prevails until they find another issue to be stressed about. And this goes on and on and on. But what I’ve observed and what I believe is that sadness is a cause of thanklessness. We’re sad when we stop paying thanks to our Lord for providing everything that we need and everything that He has blessed us with.. Thanking Him will divert our attention from sadness caused by even big issues because we will look at all the blessings and be happy about it. So sadness can only be tamed by thankfulness. All thanks to Lord for blessing us with everything He thinks is best for us. So whenever sadness is all that you feel, remember to thank Him for all the reasons that still make you happy.

5:22 am



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