Breaking With Falling

I looked for love

In my family

And I found it

When I was young

I knew what a perfect family is like

I lived in one

Admired all the setup

But as I am growing up

Family is growing away

Love is ending

Togetherness is on the go

What I always saw

Was togetherness

And harmony was prevailed

That’s what I crave now

Sad how everyone changes

As they grow up

As they grow selfish

And start lacking

What glued them together

For years and years

I still hope for


But I see it leaving us

As we are growing

Too blind to see

Too dumb to understand

What togetherness means

What beauty there is in it

What a true blessing it is

Becoming too obsessed with ourselves

Minimizing what we were like

When we were kids

Always laughing

Having each other’s back

Running along the roads together

Eating ice cream late at night together

Laughing at our silly jokes

Sleeping together

Sweet old times

The times I’d trade anything

To relive

By holding each other’s hands.

1:56 am



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