What Sort Of Morning Person Are You?

~Having full eight hours of healthy sleep

Or praying Fajar at dawn

~Sitting in your room packed with materials

Or a little jog in the park filled with natural beauty to mesmerize you

~Perfectly scrambled four eggs

Or one egg with the words of thankfulness before eating

~Breakfast table filled with every type of food you like

Or chairs filled with everyone in your family with one type of food

~A quite atmosphere with no disturbance

Or the sounds of glass and forks clicking

~Morning bringing wealth and taking away good health

Or a morning bringing the amount of wealth you needed and good health

~Chester Bennington playing on the radio

Or chirping of birds outside your window

~Watching the early morning show on TV

Or reciting Quran with tears filled with fear of God in your eyes

~Starbucks on the go

Or home-made coffee by your wife with her beautiful eyes and smile as a sight

~Impatiently waiting for the day to end so you may have some rest

Or planning out the day ahead to pin down what needs to be achieved that day

~Newspapers telling you the stock exchange for the day are in your favor

Or newspapers telling you your country is at peace and no one was killed last night.

6:49 pm



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