Waking Up For Fajar

How He wakes us up for fajar

When we’re sound asleep

Not even close to waking up

Sky getting lighter and lighter

He is watching us

Waiting for us to be woken up by Him

Because we ask Him

To wake us up

Or we ask our own selves to wake us up

As in the form of alarm

But not even a single leaf

Moves against His will

He loves us

And watches us from above

And knows what we do

Between isha and fajar

Whatever we do

He watches our every move

And we go to bed

With all the good

It pleases Him so much

That He wakes us up for Fajar

Going to bed with sin

Going to bed after displeasing Him

Angers Him so much

That He doesn’t let us

Stand before Him

He doesn’t want us to

Prostrate before Him only

He wants us good

He wants us pure

With a good soul

And deeds at its finest

It’s up to you

How you wanna go to bed

With hate in your heart

Or bad deeds being written

Or do you want Him to wake you up for Fajar?

How does this not melt your heart?

Knowing He wakes you up

Because He loves you

And wants you to turn towards Him

Before you return to Him

How does the Sunnah

Not shake your heart

On the thought that

Our Beloved Prophet ﷺ

Used to pray it

How does the Farz

Not strengthen your Imaan

On the realization

That He allowed you to rise

From a sound sleep

That becomes death at some point

And allowed you to

Bow down to Him

Say Alhamdulillah

For being able to pray Fajar

As our Prophet ﷺ said

It’s two rakaat Sunnah

Is better than anything

In this world.

6:04 am



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