Positivity Settles Chaos

I look back and see

What hurt me

And changed my heart

What changed my heart

Changed my mind too

I look within

And find beautiful pieces

Lit with positivity

No one told me positivity

Is a beautiful thing to own

But they showed me the way

Or let’s say

They made way for me

Through their actions and words

And I am happy with my inside

Because in my heart

I have no hate for anybody

Neither I have love for everybody

And that’s what is gonna keep me

From breaking, falling, being hurt

That’s the key to strength and positivity

To let go of the things

That keep you low

You’re born to stand straight

With the heart of gold

Shining brightly like a diamond

Hurting the eyes of evil

And allowing you to attain serenity

Because you live once in this world

No IFs and BUTs

Only YESs and NOs

Take it in what makes you happy

Breathe it out what burdens your soul

Do good have good

And see how your chaos gets settled

And carves something beautiful out of you.

8:43 pm



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