Cracks & Concrete

Do not let the cracks open

Or do not let the rest of the floor to get cracks

That’s what I repeat to myself

As I remember the last time

It opened up for the world to see

My lost battles

Now I am afraid of their opening

As I lost again

The hardest and longest battle

Against my own self and desires

My unspoken words

Because nobody understood

Or maybe they don’t want to hear the truth

My sleepless nights

And all the hurt that arrived with it

So I fear the cracks

And ask myself to not let those old cracks

To open up themselves

Because I’ve no strength left

And I don’t want the world

To think or assume

That I am weak

I am not weak

If I were

I’d not have managed to fill the cracks with concrete

But not much of it is left in me

And I am afraid of the hollowness of the floor

That I know it might get more cracks

And then no concrete would be there to help.

1:01 am



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