Bad Timing As An Excuse

Time changes

It never stays the same for anyone

If it gives you

It takes away too

You cannot control it

Even if you think you do

It has its own ways to control you

It shows you

The reality of life

The real importance of its amount

The hidden faces of people around you

And asks you

“Did you really think you’re a wise man?”

“Did you really think you own me?”

“Did you really think you knew them more than me?”

And you sit back there

Dumbfounded and shook

But ready to go

With the flow

And never look back

Because whatever time is gonna bring

Is gonna be better than

What it took away

Time’s no God

And God created time

He does what He want to

And we’ll get what we deserve

We blame it on bad timings

And our stars weren’t aligned

But bad timing is just a reason

Like always

It’s the lessons that we need

The plans we need to change

The scars we need to carve

To change us

Or to mould us

Into something beautiful

All we need to do is

To accept the reasons and kneel down against His plans

Whatever He plans is beyond our thinking

But is in our favor one way or another.

4:33 am



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