Every Night Holds A Story

All the nights are not same

They hold something different sometimes


Some nights you’ll be sleepy

After working all day long


Some nights you’ll be sleep-deprived

After your train of thoughts loses its chain


Some nights you’ll cry yourself to sleep

After remembering all the brokenness inside you


Some nights you’ll work on yourself

After a thought-provoking day


Some nights you’ll read

After a hot bath and coffee


Some nights you’ll write

After making sure that some things need to escape your soul


Some nights you’ll dance

After you leave unhappiness at your doorstep


Some nights you’ll spend at your friend’s place

After a hardcore party


Some nights you’ll sleep under the grey sky

After a day filled with nothing but unreal stuff


Some nights you’ll gaze at stars

After you realize you do have a thing for nature in you


Some nights you’ll spend in supplication

After you realize that at the end of the day no one stays by your side except Him


Some nights you’ll make up stories in your mind that you’ll want to happen

After a tiring yet satisfying day


Some nights you’ll listen to Adele

After you wish you had the one you loved by your side


Some nights you’ll observe silence

After you feel that your words mean nothing


Some nights you’ll drink

After a day filled with memories you’d do anything to erase


Some nights you’ll enjoy rain

After every raindrop tells you a different story


Some nights you’ll stay up to see sunrise

After a refreshing day and clear mind


Some nights you’ll love to see fireworks from your balcony

After the company of good and energetic people


Some nights you’ll stare at your ceiling and ponder upon your decisions

After getting a disappointing output from your bad decisions


Some nights you’ll read old conversations with your friends

After the day you see your not-anymore friends hanging out with each other


Some nights you’ll regret not going out with your friends

After you make excuses to not meet them because you wanted to stay in your bed


Some nights you’ll miss your parents

After a day full of loneliness and no joy


Some nights you’ll smile at everything around you before sleeping

After a day filled with love, serenity and productivity.

3:30 am


(This picture is not taken by me)


2 thoughts on “Every Night Holds A Story

  1. I scrolled lazily without reading then suddenly this hit me that some nights you’ll stare at at stars may be, and I scrolled back. Read it thoroughly now crying cause we all do this may be. I wanna talk about so much regarding to this. Wow👏

    Liked by 1 person

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