No matter where you are and what you do. Some things just don’t leave you. And you can’t find a way to get away with them. They’re there in the form of realization and regrets. It doesn’t matter what do you realize or what becomes a regret for you. It’s just that it is there in a form. It can come to you at any hour of the day. It follows no schedule. It just has to be there to make you silent and make you feel things. It’s a good thing in one way and curse in another. Like it makes you alive from the inside. But can also ruin your day and happy moments. It’s not in your hands how to get over this thing. In fact you don’t get over it unless you find or earn something better than that. And not everyone gets better. Sometimes the regrets are so real and necessary that you don’t get something better because what you lost was already better but you lost it due to your issues and you yourself don’t get better in the end. So you just have to sit there and see more of what is going to arrive for you to realize. 

But at least it makes you alive from the inside. It makes you feel, makes you stand and face the reality. Facing the reality makes you stronger and prepares you to accept the fact that what you lost is lost and it’s not coming back or what’s done is done. There’s no going back to being normal like before that. You cannot erase your mistakes neither you can alter your wrong decisions.

As a curse it doesn’t leave your side. It bugs you constantly that this happened because of your this issue and this happened because you did this. Like it doesn’t let you move on even though you try your hardest. But for how long? As long as you allow it. As long as you let it control you and not your inner self to control yourself. It’s like an alarm clock. It keeps on buzzing until you shut it down with a hit. So know when and how to hit it off when the time comes.

Like I said one way it’s a blessing and curse in another. It’s up to you what form you allow it to take.

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3 thoughts on “Blessing/Curse

  1. Thinking of it as a curse is a blessing too. Inside alive people are rare. Only those rare ones can’t move on, others just don’t care. You know that speaking of this useless in this society where we are categorized since birth and can’t be free. I wanna read every aspect of your thought.

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