Several Parts Of My Being

You’ll find me under the grey sky

In the rain drops waking me up from unfathomable dream

In the wet ground absorbing all the distress

In the open umbrellas feeling like home

In the smell of mud sharpening my senses

In the silence after storm to mark the end of chaos

In the wreck that I was


You’ll find me living on Earth

Surrounded by strong winds to blow away negative vibes

Surrounded by heat of sun making me realize the intensity of our sins is increasing

Surrounded by shade of trees to shelter my being

Surrounded by peace that I’ll find under the rocks

Surrounded by people who are interested not in living but earning.


You’ll find me under the water

With starfish singing my freedom song

With sunlight entering after tearing up the surface of water to end my solitariness

With necessity to take a deep breath

With moments of silence everywhere

With stones praising my strength

With plants waving me goodbye


You’ll find me in the space

Playing with all the planets that they believe tells us about our daily lives

Playing with the idea of togetherness

Playing with the Moon who chases the Sun

Playing with absence of gravity to draw the curtains between me and sanity

Playing with the orbits and taking turns with Sun to give them my light.

2:30 am



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