The Night Of Power

The night’s here

The time’s near

So come

Come to Him

Before you close your eyes

And everything gets dark,

The message is taken back

And everything left of knowledge will be of no gain,

Your soul leaves your body

And everything you own is left here,

The sea bursts

And everything it has veiled for years, reveals,

Your trip is up

And everything you hold vanishes,

You realize you’re no more a traveller

And everything you hear about Barzakh becomes reality,

He sends Izrail (A.S) down to you

And everything is not what he wants but your soul,

You exhale your last breath

And everything around you makes no sense,

You are buried deep under the ground

And everything you have done will come to you in form,

Your grave gets tighter and tighter

And everything you feel gets through your bones,

Munkar and Nakir come

And everything they ask you shall answer,

You’re shown your eternal destiny

And everything makes sense,

Everything you did in this world

Every sin you committed

Every person you wronged

Every day you lost the chance of turning towards Him

Nothing will make sense until

You’re tested

Because you know

From Him you come

To Him you shall go

Before Him you stand in this world

Before Him you shall stand in the next world

For Him are all the praises

Of Him are all the names.

10:54 pm


(This featured picture is taken from Google)


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