The Night Is Dark And Full Of Terrors

Dark nights are what bring terror with them. For people who are weak at heart. They bring weaknesses with them for people who are afraid. They bring darkness with them for people wrapped in their sins who lack the idea of being forgiven.

But what these nights do not understand is that we have seen so much with our eyes open that now we’re not afraid of this darkness it brings along. And that we know, every dark night is followed by sunny morning so we are not terrified. We know nothing lasts forever. What do these nights know about eternity? They’re at loss in this. We, with strong hearts and wounded souls know what it takes to not give up on hope. What it takes to stay strong, no matter how much strong winds blow at night, we are stronger than them. What it takes to lift your own self up when tornadoes bring you to your knees.

So let’s tell these nights to go somewhere else, where it will find people with weakness in their faith. For we are not one of them. We’re what you think we’re not. Strong. Stronger than you, ever before.




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