Sadness And Silence

Silence is what our mind and heart requires sometimes. Most of the times, if you’re sad. It speaks in itself. It fills the void when words no longer do justice with our feelings. Why is it that when we’re sad we naturally incline towards silence? We automatically become silent without any intention in the first place. Silence is somehow associated to peace. Silence calms down the chaos and helps the flowers to bloom within. Silence is like a guard for our heart which contains all the hurt. We’re topped up by hurt so we leave it to silence to do its magic. We rely upon it to converse with our racing heart and aching soul on our behalf. Only in it we find refuge. It is needed for our peace. We fall silent after we get tired of all the mess. The mess created by us or by others for us. It replenishes our peace and serenity.

Because of all such inclination and dependency we get used to it. And whatever we get used to, we don’t find any harm in it.

I don’t see any harm in it. I never did. Even for once if we don’t go through it, we don’t get to meet ourselves. It helps us in realizing all the things we never realize otherwise. It helps us in finding ourselves. Either we find ourselves because of it or we lose everything else. It takes a lot to fall into silence and find yourself. In the first place you have to lose yourself or get lost in illusion of this world. But not everyone finds out the truth, not everyone gets the treasure, not everyone gets to taste the reality.

At the end of the day, you are left only with silence. It might rip you apart and then the next moment it might heal your wounds. It has miraculous powers. Just like time it heals the deepest wounds. Because silence speaks the truth. The truth we hide from ourselves. The truth we are too coward to face. The truth we’re afraid to speak from our mouths. It says it all. No matter what you want to hear and know but it doesn’t stop. It stops when it’s done with its purpose.

Sometimes sadness inclines us towards silence and then the silence inclines us towards our Maker. The Maker of our hearts and who put soul in our bodies. If you get to incline towards your Lord, know that He wanted you to get crushed by the reality of this world so you lose its taste, realize nothing in this temporary world is forever and then turn towards Him. Only His existence is eternal. Only our Hereafter is eternal. So like I said silence has miraculous powers. All we need to do is to hear what our silence reveals. What it tells us. What it shows us. If we fully understand the meaning of its message we’ll never go astray and find our Lord in our hearts.

I don’t know what’s going to happen the next second. I just want to see the real face of this world and incline towards silence and find myself. Because if I don’t find myself, I am going to lose what I’ve not gained yet and Iam not ready to put so much on stake.

2:01 am



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