Negative People With Negative Energy

This is gonna seem absurd to you but I just saw a cockroach being eaten by his fellow cockroaches. This reminded me of the fact that the ones around you can effect you in any way. And the people you surround yourself with matters a lot. There are some people who disturb your inside on a spiritual or emotional level. It matters who you’re friends with and what kind of energy they give out when you’re around. Always surround yourself with positivity. Keep your inside happy and satisfied. Observe the energy you feel around you and trust your intuition. Keep yourself miles away from negativity because trust me you don’t need that in your life. We all don’t need shit in our lives. Make sure you surround yourself with people who try to make you a better person and a better Muslim!

I’ve seen people filled with so much negativity and they always point out flaws in others. If they don’t get, they try to scratch their surfaces to find something. They just want something to raise a finger or throw shade at. I mean why can’t they be good at heart? I don’t know what keeps them away from good and positivity but I do know one thing, these are the type of people you need to protect yourself and your peace from. They can destroy you in many possible ways. They can make you question your happiness. They can suck out all the happiness out of you. And they can make you rethink about your goodness.

You don’t need a reason to be good. But you do need a reason to be negative. Don’t find reasons to be good. Fix negative people so they can stop focusing on everything negative and look for positivity in everything. Not everyone is gonna be ready for you to fix them. They may want to stay the same. That’s when you lose all your control. Stop losing your peace for them. If they wanna learn it their way, let them. Then focus on your self only and try to make it better with every day passing.




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