Blessed As Muslims

Do you realize how much blessed we’re to be born as Muslims? We have a complete book that has never been altered nor is ever gonna change. Lord Himself has taken the responsibility of guarding it. On the other hand when I see videos related to Bible verses I realize these people are so lost. Their book has teachings that are not the actual teachings sent down by God. They’re so wrong. I just watched a video related to 10 shocking Bible verses and they’re completely different from what Quran teaches us and what we learn from our Prophet’s life. We’re told in the Quran that our Lord loves us more than 70 Mothers and Bible says God hates all. Like seriously? Muslims and Christians share the same Lord, share the same message. We don’t share the same books and that’s what makes us different. We should be thankful to our Lord for being born in a Muslim family. We could have been born a Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Atheist and whole our lives we’d have lived in vain. We wouldn’t have original book and teachings. But instead we’re born blessed. Our living is blessed. Our minds are blessed. We all somehow try to follow Quran and Sunnah in our everyday lives and that’s a blessing. We know we’re on the right path. We know what awaits us after we die. We know how to live in this world. Everything is in our book. We’re so much blessed. If we ever compare ourselves to all the nations that faced the wrath of God only then we’d know being a Muslim is a blessing. Greater than every blessing we’ll ever have. We’re the ones our Prophet cried for years ago. He prayed to Lord to save us from Hell-fire and His anger otherwise we’d have been wiped off this earth a long ago. What is the sin we’re ordered not to come near and we don’t? See. Every single day you offer your prayers, read Quran, take interest in teachings of Quran and Sunnah of our Prophet is a blessed day. Always pray for the safety of your iman till your last breath. We’ll are Muslims. One way or another we try to be a better Muslim everyday. Ramadan is near and we’re all so blessed to have this month. Do not let even one day go in vain. Even if for one month try to make yourself a better Muslim. Try to make sure you do realize what being a Muslim truly means.

11:28 am



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