Garden In You

This sunrise reminds me of you. Because you were always passionate about a new day and considered it a new opportunity to achieve your ambitions. How much you loved sunrises because you felt like they filled you with indescribable energy that you could feel in your bones and soul. I know the nights you gave up on your sleep just for the sake of that energy. How you made me love them.

These yellow leaves that fall down remind me of you. How you had your bad days and how you felt like left behind in this race. How you felt like everything’s going against your plans. How silent you had become because of your miseries. How you stressed over things and cried before Allah to help you out.

These colorful flowers remind me of you. How pleasant you made everyone’s day wherever you went. How everyone loved your presence and your share in their lives. How you blossomed into something extraordinary for them. How you had different shades for different people but all so pleasing.

These fresh green leaves that take place of the former ones remind me of you. How you managed to stand straight after every hardship that came your way. How you found solution to every problem. How you left the things behind that made you weak. How you grew out of your distress and made a fresh start.

These flying birds remind me of you. You had your hopes high that you’ll get what is meant for you. And you’ll not get what’s not meant or good for you. Yet you had that thing in you which persuades someone to make a move towards freedom. You never thought of failing the test but always thought of ways to ace it.

These trees remind me of you. How you looked sturdy and strong from the outside and just like the external you were strong from the inside too. You knew where to stand strong and where not to care. You had your shield and had your boundaries that everyone could see. By staying in them you grew up with peace in your roots.

These thick roots remind me of you. How strong your own roots were. How much firm grip they had on you. How they had aligned you for your good. How they didn’t let you go wrong way and destroy someone else’s roots.

This blue sky reminds me of you. How vast you were. How much you had in you. How less of you everyone knew and how much of you was hidden that no one could see with their eyes open. But how beautiful and colored you were in actual.

This thirsty grass reminds me of you. How reality hit you and made you weak. You always craved the support of your loved ones. You were the human who after getting attention and love returned to life. Who knew you’d come back with a new you after a thirsty night?

The shade of these palm trees remind me of you. How you got yourself burned by the sun but managed to protect your loved ones from scorching heat. How satisfied you felt after someone earned anything out of your shade of love and serenity. How you made them feel like home. How you were always there for sad and emotionally broken people.

The fragrance of this damp soil reminds me of you. How fresh vibes you always gave and sought. How you made everyone see the positive in everything. How much energetic you’d feel while talking about positivity. How you were always at peace.

These marks on tress remind me of your scars. The scars you carried on your body and soul for years. You couldn’t heal them because there was no way. So you embraced them wholeheartedly and walked on the face of this earth with your chin up. You no longer felt ashamed of your scars because they defined what you were and how strong you had become.

This sun that sets daily remind me of you. How tired you had become after all those years. Yet you were filled with inner satisfaction because you didn’t let your life go in vain. How content you seemed to me. How beautiful your brown eyes were. That was the day when it felt like I’ve known you since forever.

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12 thoughts on “Garden In You

    1. Woah woah Rupi Kaur is beyond amazing. I don’t come near her. I have never read anything of April Green though. Will read her now.
      And thannkyouu :’)


  1. After reading each blog I become more greedy. I want to have more, more of your words and thoughts. This ride of your words never falls out of gravity while hitting me in every way possible. I am again thankful to Allah to have read these words and the source is you. P E A C E. ❀️

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I am going to upload something soon InshaAllah πŸ˜… when I love something so much, I start to Loose it. I lot words, interest, people. I lost sadness and I lost myself as well. Just trying to find me in right place within me.


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