Talk Or Communicate

Destiny and fate fascinates me so much. Like this is a world we all are a part of. Billions of people are out there we don’t know, haven’t met and will never meet. But we’re all connected. Through happiness, sadness, anxiety, spirituality, madness. Like if we post something about our personal experience, we’ll find many people relating to our story. We don’t know how many people around us feel the same way. We don’t know what they’re from the inside. We just judge them or we completely ignore them without ever knowing what they have in them. Communication is what binds us together. People tell you about themselves when you talk to them. It doesn’t need to be done on a daily basis. If you’re walking down the street and come across a neighbor of yours and you start talking to them or they start talking to you, you’ll see how much happens in everyone’s lives every single day just like yours. At some point something happens to them that you can completely relate to. We’re all so lost in this delusional world that we think about ourselves as the slaves of time without realizing that exactly like us everyone has become a slave to their thoughts. And if we think about others we don’t think about them like we do it for ourselves.

Talking and communicating are two separate things. Talking is using verbal means to say something. Communicating is establishing a connection with someone through your soul, your heart, your eyes or your facial expressions. Instead of talking, try to communicate. Only then you can get closer to someone and better understand them. We as a young generation need to be preached to communicate not just talk. Communicating is what will strongly bind us together to our family, our friends and loved ones. We need to make some time out of our busy daily lives for people who eagerly wait for our vibes through communication. Learn to differentiate the people who just want you to talk from the people who want you to communicate with them.
There are so many people we’re going to meet until we die. So many people who we’re gonna come across in this life. The people I will meet in near future, you may not meet them and vice versa. But somehow we’re all connected from the inside. We’re all the same specie regardless of what race, creed, religion we follow and what country or state we live in. We’re all the same. Because we have the same Lord. We’re all divided because of religion, books and states but we share the same Lord. The One who created us. We’re all good. We’re all bad. We’re everything but together. We can be classified as a single specie who are mentally or spiritually connected. No matter where we go what we become, at the end of the day we’re all lost. All mentally, emotionally or spiritually lost.

We don’t know what future holds for us. We worry for our future but what is destined will happen no matter what we do. Every single day holds lessons for us. Life teaches us through humans around us. We don’t go through everything in one life but we see others going through it and we learn from their situation. This connects us too. Feeling sympathy for someone in distress subconsciously connects us with them.

After some years when you’ll be somewhere where you don’t know you’d be, you’ll think I could’ve been somewhere else if I swapped my decision that time. But what’s destined is the main decision decided by God Himself. So what’s the point of regretting after all that time? If you would have gone somewhere else, you’d have met some other type of people. You’d have learned lessons that would not mould you into something you’ll become some years later. The people you meet are the people you need to learn and relate from. So God knows what’s best for you. So let your life flow. Let it happen. Have no regrets.

We must know that whatever is good for us even if we think this is the worst that can happen to us, is still good for us despite what we think. So we should learn how to thank our Lord for granting us what’s best for us.

Same Lord, Same Humans.

10:22 pm



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