Am I A Free Man?

Am I a free man? Free of the thoughts that keeps me from closing my eyes at night? Free of the miseries I’ve created for my own self? Free of the endless bodily creatures everyone calls humans? Free of the chaos that keeps me intimidated? Free of all my wrongs that are leaches, sucking away my liveliness? Free of the sins I committed? Free of all the regrets I carry on my shoulders? Free of the burden my soul feels whenever I go to bed? Free of the stress of my future? Free of the anxiety my mind is developing? Free of all the stereotypes the society I live in has put forward? Free of all the wrongs I see the people around me being indulged in? Free of the schism between our generations? Free of the bars and standards raised by our society? Free of the thoughts that how am I gonna survive in this cruel world? Free of the will to not worry about everything and leave everything on my Lord? Free of all my chores so I may raise my hands towards heaven to ask for forgiveness? Free of all the little knots I have in my heart that is keeping me away from being happy? Free of all the bad in me that is having a tighter grip on my good everyday? Free of all the tangled thoughts which are not even needed disturbing my peace? Free of all the sleepless nights just like this night? Free of all the feelings I fail to put in words? Free of all the pain I’ve caused my heart? Free of all the time I’ve wasted on unwanted people? Free of all the bad that chases me everyday?

No, I am not a free man I know. You’re not a free man you know.

5:23 am


(Inspired by the very beginning of ‘The Zahir’ by Paulo Coelho)


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