Role Of Words

Words can be a blessing or a curse. So don’t suffocate your words. Let them flow. Let them come out. Let them have their say. Let them shatter every single piece of your soul. Let them rip your heart out. Let them heal you afterwards. Let them wipe away your tears. Let them do whatever they can to you. Let them work as a mentor for you. Let them guide you through darkness. Let them have mercy on your poor soul. Let them save peace and spirituality in store for you. Let them have a grip on your heart and your current situation. Let them see everything your heart has veiled for yours. Let them have the keys to the darkest chambers of your heart. Let them surface your wounds. Let them have you. Let them be the reason behind your serenity. Let them know what hurts the most. Let them know where it hurts the most. Let them know who your destruction is. Let them say whatever they can to make you realize the most important things in your life. Let them show you the dark side of other souls. Let them give you some deep essential lessons. Let them stand by your side. Let them cleanse your soul after a long tiring day. Let them guide you home. Let them feel you. Let them touch your inside. Let them purify it. Let them absorb your pain. Let them take away all the hate and regrets. Let them decide what you really need and who you really need.

Words can act as eye-openers for you once you truly feel them. Today, I ask you to feel them if you want reality to hit you. But first ask yourself are you really ready for that? Not everybody can sink all that in. Not everybody.

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2 thoughts on “Role Of Words

  1. Reading your post… It touched me where all the words were suffocating me. They all started to flow until the impurity of eyes blurred the vision, this hit me so hard but there are words that should come with flow with time alone; I told this to my heart and we both sank to the time where there was quietness but still hope; where there I though time had stopped but it was just me sitting by the window at time where ALLAH was asking, Is there anyone who wants forgiveness? I heard Him through the calm where the words were settling down where the person next me was sound asleep where the vast world before me was drowning. Words used to suffocate me before that but now they don’t!

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