I love it when I see newly born babies smiling while they’re asleep. We’re told they see angels whom they play with. We’re so pure when we are born. New flesh. New heart. New body. Everything is full of purity. As we grow we get polluted by this world. Our heart gets dusty. Our soul becomes worn out. Our flesh receives marks. Our gaze becomes shameless. Why? Why can’t we die pure? Are all these wrongs we do necessary to perform? Why can’t we live up to the mark set by Allah Subhanahu Wa’tala? Why we get so lost in this world that we forget that we have some obligations? We have to offer our duties and we have to meet our Lord one day. We have to face Him one day. Why cannot​ we be taught during our upbringing that we should not get our heart attached to this world or its people but with Allah only? Why are we taught to focus on our grades because if we’ll get good grades we’re going to get acceptance from a good university and being a graduate with a high CGPA we’re going to get a good job? I mean why aren’t we taught the difference between this worldly life and the life which is gonna last forever? We should have been taught from the very first day that our grades are gonna stay in this world. We’re not gonna be judged by our grades on the Last day but by our deeds, our wrongs, our sins. We should have been taught that we don’t need to please the people around us but we should focus only on pleasing our Lord. We should have been taught that we should not lose hope even if the output doesn’t come out as planned but to have firm faith in the Lord who created us and has everything already written down for us. We should be taught to value the morals than to think how much cool it is to do drink and smoke. We should be taught that we’re gonna get hurt by people but we should still not curse them but instead pray for their righteousness. We should be taught that instead of envying others we should focus on our goals and work for them. We should be taught to always turn towards Him whenever a problem arises. Always rely on Him for all the solutions. Ask His help only. Only and always.




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