I feel my hue around me. In this rain that is pouring down. Washing away my footprints. I see the storm coming. I see the destruction ​coming. But still this rain is calming my nerves down. I see these drops standing still on my windowsill. They are here for me. To listen closely to my silence. To understand me. They want me to believe in the mercy of my Lord. They are here to call me to repentance. They want me to purify myself for the last time. They want me to let go of my past. They want my sins and my wrongs to get detached​ from my flesh. They want me to spend my remaining time in living my present. They want to act as a shelter for me. They don’t want me to suffer. They don’t want my flesh. They want my soul. To lock it away in a box so no one can destroy me wholly again. 




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