I thought I had already learnt much lessons life had to teach me. But no, they weren’t enough. They weren’t enough to mould me into something I never had imagined I would be.

I always admired people with brain, depth, practical approach, wisdom and everthing that makes a person kind and good. I had that in me deep deep down. I never told anyone or talked to anyone about it. I felt like it wasn’t me. I was nothing like the people I admired. So I stayed silent and enjoyed the ordinary world filled with extraordinary people. I observed the people I admired and listened closely to them. Now I get what they had in them that caught my attention. They had pain in them. They had pain in their eyes, their hearts and their words. They had gone through bad. They had experienced pain from closely. They had got themselves broken by this world.

As Iam growing, Iam getting a hold of their words. Iam getting what they mean when they say something deep. I always wanted to be like this. Never had I ever thought that people around me whom I love and appreciate in my life would change me completely. Make me a new person. Mould me into something I always admired.

If I keep my head down in sujood for the rest of my life, never can I ever pay thanks to my Lord for teaching me good through them. Now I try to find positive in everything. I’ve got my guards up, higher than before. I’ve got my heart stronger than before. I’ve found positivity in my life. I’ve been successful in finding peace of heart to some extent. And Iam still searching for it along with peace of mind.

God will send specific people for specific reasons for specific lessons in your life. You just have to open your eyes and learn the lesson otherwise you’re gonna be taught the same lesson again and again until you learn it. So it’s better to get yourself together after stumbling for once rather than going through it several times just because you were too dumb or you had your eyes shut. Face the reality. Find the lesson before it vanishes. Learn the lesson before another source comes. Be good but be practical. If it makes you uncomfortable or steals your peace then don’t do it. Regrets do not leave your side. Don’t have any. Keep yourself away from wrong and live away.




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