Suffocated Her To Death

If for once you get in her shoes I’ll take you back in time where you’d be tied to track and she’ll be the train. I’ll make you walk through that hell you made her walk through. I’ll ask you how does it feel to go through everything you made her go through? After I make her leave you, how much do you cry? After I take the shade of her love away from you, do you crave for her love? Do you want to get out of her shoes? Can you not bear all that pain? Do you think it’ll drive you crazy? Can’t you see yourself burning? Don’t you wanna bear the permanent scars she’ll leave on your heart?

See, it wasn’t easy for her to get herself out of that complicated hole you left her in. It wasn’t easy for her to move on, to keep herself sane. But now as she has done so, as she has come forward, she no more wants to turn around and get her shoes dirtier by the same mud for the same reasons. She knows if even for once she turns around, you’re going to haunt her again for months. She went through everything that caused her heart to ache. She has no more strength left to protect herself from your demons again. She knows what it took her to keep herself steady, to keep her thoughts steady. She can no more have her heart go through that destruction again because I’ve already suffocated her to death.

9:25 am



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