Lost Pieces

It’s not easy to collect your lost pieces that you gave out to people who didn’t value it. Value your own pieces. They’re not always there for you to present them to others. They’re there to complement you. To make you a human with a heart. To make you a body with soul. Whether they’re pieces of your heart or soul, don’t lose them. Because after reality hits you it gets so hard for you to find your lost pieces in their actual shape. They’re reshaped by people you leave them with. You can not get them back in their original shape so it’s better to cage your pieces within your heart and soul. Not every piece is valued by others. Not every piece is there to solve the puzzle. Not every piece is there to unlock the treasure. Treasure’s within you. Unlock it whenever need be for yourself and not for the ones who don’t realize how precious your pieces are.

Don’t wait for someone else to find you your lost pieces. Don’t find someone to fix you. Only you know which piece fits where so look within you. Find yourself. Find your pieces and fix your own self. You don’t need nobody to find you. Find yourself. Save yourself.

4:22 pm



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