Stop Finding Love In People

Stop chasing people, Momina. People who don’t care about you. People who don’t care how your day went. People who have hurt you. People who are happy without you. People who have nothing to share with you now. People who don’t care at all.

Chase Allah instead. In fact you don’t even have to chase Him. He’s right here, with you. Every time. Every second of your life. You just need to find Him. He’s closer to you than your jugular vein. He loves you more than seventy Mothers. Your Mother loves you so much so imagine how much love He has for you.

So be patient. Have sabr. Have tawaqqal. Believe that whatever has gone was not good for you. Even if you cry your heart out every night it’s not gonna become good for you. Because you deserve someone to respect you, to love you wholly, to make things better for you, to stand by your side whenever the hard times come. You deserve so much better that you don’t see the good in it, only Allah sees it. And He’s up there watching their every move. Maybe you know nothing about them in reality. But He knows everything. He sees everything. Don’t be saddened by the fact that you lost the one you loved when The One who loves you is with you every time.

Keep your gaze low. You don’t need this worldly love you’ve been looking for. Subconsciously you’ve been looking for true love. But everybody doesn’t find it, my love. Some find it so easily. Some find it after going through destruction. Some don’t find it even before exhaling their last breath. So if you’re going through pain that means Allah’s testing you. Who doesn’t? Don’t the ones you love on this Earth test you? Even when they don’t love you in return? So if Allah’s testing you, you should be thankful to Him for creating you a strong warrior. He’s testing you in this Dunia for which He has greatest rewards in Akhirah. So be patient. Trust Him. Trust His plans. Everything will work out. Stop finding love in people who don’t even know the actual meaning of it. Find it in The One who created love and who tells us the real definition of true love. You may not find it in this life and you don’t need to find it in people. Find it in anything but people. Find it in nature. Find it in every little thing around you. Find it in fallen leaves. Find it in evergreen leaves. Find it in Quran. Find it in Ahadis. Find it in sujood. Find it in your heart.

You’d be tested every now and then but don’t lose hope. No doubt Allah has the most difficult battles for His strongest warriors. If you feel pain then thank Him for making you alive from the inside. That means you’re not a dead person. That means you understand things, you know what pain is, you know how to cry yourself to sleep. Feelings are linked to heart and everyone doesn’t have a soft heart. If you have one then use it to help others, help others find hope when all their hopes are crushed down, help them in regaining hope. Be thankful to Him for all His blessings.

Don’t be fooled by this worldly love and lovely world. Go through your destruction like a strong person. Pass your test. And you’d be rewarded with something you’d never have imagined. This doesn’t mean you’d be rewarded in this Dunia for sure. Maybe you get nothing but pain in this Dunia. Then you should know the best of rewards are waiting for you in Akhirah. It might be in the shape of Jannah. It might happen that Allah forgive your sins on the Day of Judgement just because you went through so much hardships in this Dunia but didn’t give up and had firm faith in His plans. And also because He loves you and He’s the Most Merciful.

If He keeps on blessing you in this Dunia because you have your firm faith in Him then say Alhamdulillah and don’t take your blessings for granted. But don’t pray for materials. Pray that you get whatever is good for you. Is this a small thing to you that Your Lord sees the bad coming with your desires and refrains it from coming near you and has something that is many times better for you? He wants everything good for you. The One who created all the beings, every little atom to every biggest mountain in this world. Without giving Him much you get so much in return. Is this a small thing to even realize how much He loves you?

Imagine you get everything you want here but don’t get everything you need in Hereafter. You’d then cry until your eyes bleed. You’d cry for everything you had. You’d curse yourself for getting lost in Dunia. You’d beg your Lord to replace every little thing you asked for in Dunia with even only the fragrance of Jannah. Do you want to cry then? Do you want to regret? Ever thought about this? Start thinking this way.

Stop praying for this worldly love and it’s desires but ask for something eternal. Something that will last forever even if this world ends. Pray for Jannah. Pray for ease in passing the bridge. Pray for rewards that will last forever. Pray for meeting Muhammad ﷺ. Pray for hearing his voice. Pray for Allah to have mercy on you. Pray for yourself.

You have no one by your side but Him only. So turn towards Him. Today. Now.

10: 46 am



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