Lost In Her Hue

I watched her while she fell asleep like you look at a long lost friend. She was there beside me. So close to me. I could touch her. I could sense her. I could feel her.

The moment I was living in seemed infinite. We were infinite. She has been infinite her whole life. I felt infinite for the first time.

I brushed her cheek with my hand. Skin so smooth I could have drowned. I could feel her hue around me, in every corner of the room. It was everywhere. Even inside me. I was lost in her hue. There was no escape then. There was nothing but walls. Concrete walls.

I felt like the luckiest man alive. Because only I could look at her the way I was looking at her. Everyone used to look for her when I could look at her. I looked through her.

She had allowed only me to walk through her soul. She had vibes so real I felt like I could sit beside her all night every night and watch her fall asleep. She had come to me at the right moment. She made me alive. How could I not stare at her and believe like I was in a lost forest from where she and only she could help me in finding my way out?

9:11 am



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