Have You Ever Felt Their Pain?

Have you ever felt the true pain?

The pain your heart experiences when he says you’re not the one. When he leaves you right in the middle of nowhere.

The pain of the soul crying late at night in the corner of the room because no one understands him. Pain of that soul because he is extraordinary for this ordinary world and it’s ordinary people and has his talents and qualities buried deep down under his flesh.

The pain of your loved one when he’s taking his last breaths. When your loved one takes his own life.

The pain of the orphans seeing parents having their children’s back. Their pain when they know they have no Mother or Father at home who’s praying for their safety or success.

The pain of a friend being left behind when their best friend is getting along very well with his new friends. His pain when he needs him in his hard times but he’s not there anymore.

The pain of a mother seeing her child going through excruciating pain. Her pain when she is bound to raise her children as a single parent.

The pain of a wife bearing domestic violence. Her pain when she is told she lost her baby.

The pain of a father seeing his daughter’s eyes being welled up. His pain when his child raises a hand against him.

The pain of the man who’s all broken by the standards raised by our society. The pain he hides in his heart because he thinks he is not worth it as he’s continuously told how useless he is.

The pain of the son returning empty handed to his mother after struggling for a whole day. The pain when he realizes how bad he treated his father when his own son treats him likewise.

The pain of a child being unable to get the love he deserves from his parents. The pain of a child whose self-confidence is totally crushed because he is bullied every now and then by his schoolmates.

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