I Seek Refuge

Am I ever going to be forgiven by my Lord? For all my wrongs? For all my sins I committed under the sun or in the darkness? For all my wrong decisions? For all my evil? For all the negative energy I gave out to this world? For all the positive energy I depleted? For all my bad doings? For all my wrong suggestions I gave to others? For all my silence that I observed when I saw a sin being committed? For not stopping the people I loved when I saw them going astray? For leaving people to rely on their own when they needed me? For turning my back to the people who loved me? For not asking Allah for help? For not having peace in my life because I slept through Fajar? For not having enough time to complete my tasks because I was busy during Zuhar? For not having a content heart because I skipped Asar? For not offering Maghrib because my blanket was so cozy? For sleepless nights I encountered because I didn’t offer Isha? For not reciting Quran when I was in distress?

Have mercy on me my Lord!

7:27 pm



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