Message Within A Message

What life is all about?

You can all come up with your own ideas of life. You might have your own definitions of life.

But what do we know about it? On this day only Quran knows it. It holds the magnificent secrets of life. It holds the true meaning of life. It holds the entire existence of humans. It holds every bit of reality.

How many of us have reshaped our thoughts and lives in accordance with Islam, with Quran or with true Islamic beliefs? How many of us hold the ability to talk about life and it’s purpose after have thoroughly gone through our Holy Book?

Do you think it was revealed hundreds of years back just to unveil the prophecies? Or to warn the coming generations about the nations which faced destruction because their sins crossed the limits set by Allah Subhanahu Wa ta’ala? Obviously not. Every single bit of you knows what it was revealed for. It was revealed for us humans to get guidance from. To stop from commiting the sins that our ancestors committed and paid for it. It’s here to refrain us from bad. It’s here so we can get the guidance. It’s going to be preserved as long as Allah wills. Every single word today is like how it was at the time of revelation. Meaning has not changed. Lessons have not changed either. It is we who have changed. Who have gone astray. Who have become so blinded by the light of this world that we’ve forgotten our real purpose of being sent from above.

So read the Holy Book to understand the message it is trying to convey. Let the message guide you before this message vanishes from this land and is raised to the heavens.

7:40 am



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