Beauty Of Quran

I swear upon this universe, the comfort your ears get from listening to the recitation of Quran can never be attained from any genre of music. The only melody that not only comfort your ears but also comforts your heart, your mind, your soul. Music is only pleasing to our ears but recitation pleases our soul. The peace you get after the Surah completes is like never felt before. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve listened to that Surah but every time you listen to it you feel like it’s reverberating in the walls of your heart for the very first time. It penetrates through the hardest walls of your heart and melts it. You feel so light and comfortable. You feel better. It heals your heart. Those words have the real healing power. You feel like everything is in order. Everything seems to be at peace. Negativity doesn’t even try to come near you. You feel so good and positive. You’re overwhelmed by that positive energy so you let it get absorbed in your heart, your soul, your bones. It strengthens your imaan. It strengthens your beliefs.

How can you find anything more pleasing than the words of our Lord and after knowing its true meaning how can you even think that He’s not the Only One? How can you deny His true existence? How can you deny the facts Quran states? How can you not turn to Him when you know we’re going to return to Him?

7:11 am



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