Parents Over Everything

It’s strange how a year changes you a lot. Changes everything around you. What used to be yours is now someone else’s. Everyone you thought is going to be by your side in hard times turned their backs on you. People broke their promises. You might have got your heartbroken but it was essential. It was essential for you to grow stronger. It was essential for you to realize that nobody cares for you except your family. So keep them close before the time slips out of your hands.

Nobody in this whole wide world deserves your love except your parents. Not only because they gave you birth or spent their whole lives in your upbringing. But also because they’re the only ones who have the purest of hearts. They love you beyond measures. Never in this life or the next they’re going to hurt you. They’ll love you no matter how badly you treat them, how rudely you talk to them, how bad you make them feel. So please don’t do this to them. Love them in return. Even though you can never ever in this life love them likewise.

You can never see someone having the same sparkle in their eyes for you just like your mother had when you were born. You can never feel the true happiness she felt when you called her ‘Mama’ for the first time before going through that stage for yourself. You can never return the favour of your father who worked so hard his whole life making sure you don’t lack anything. So I ask you: Have you grown up so much that you can stand up against them? What are you? What have you become? Were you able to grow up all by yourself? Did not they spend their years looking after you? Have you forgotten everything they did for you? Has this world made you dumb? Have you shut your eyes to the realities of this world? Did they raise you this weak that you can not have a strong grip on your naffs? Did they not teach you to believe in yourself? Did they ever think that you’d end up ruining your life? Did they ever think you’d think of taking your own life that is a grant of our Lord which He’s going to take back one day? How can you return their favours?

Never in your whole life you can do that. So don’t shut your eyes as you grow. Open them. See the people around you. Learn from them. Learn to differentiate between all the rights and wrongs. Learn that this world is a temporary stage and once your role is done here you’re out of the play. But you’ll be questioned about every move you make, every deed you do. So don’t let your parents down. Tell your Mother you can’t see her welled up eyes. Tell your Father you appreciate all his struggles.

Don’t let them think they failed to raise you as a good person. Show them that they have done an amazing job in raising you. Show them that you value their values. Show them that you haven’t forgotten anything. Show them that they hold the highest place in your heart. Show them that you’re not a waste. Keep yourself away from sins. Keep yourself on deen. Try to do good to everyone around you. Prove yourself a good human. And above all prove yourself a good Muslim.

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