Find Me A Tourniquet

You feel the real pain in your heart when you see him happy without you. When you see him doing good without you. When you see he doesn’t miss you. When you see him living his life to the fullest without you. You thought he wouldn’t leave you because he used to say that. But that wasn’t true. If even some of it was ever real then why on this earth he’s able to move on so easily? Has he forgotten everything? Has he forgotten all his promises? He says they were not lies. But tell me if he loved you then how did his heart allow him to leave you? Did not his heart skip a beat while writing that goodbye text? Did not he think of anything? Was it too easy to let go? Did he not care about your feelings in the first place? Did you not tell him how much you love him?

Now his arms are open for this world. He’ll get another to give all his love to and you know that too. Can you bear another girl with him where he said would be you? Can you see him satisfied with his life now that he knows you’re not around anymore? Can you numb the pain you feel in your heart when you think about not having him anymore? Can you relive? Can you find a tourniquet? I don’t know about this but you need to. For your own sake because hurting one’s self is what weak people are known for. That’s not your thing. You might realize you’re weak from the inside. But you don’t need to show this to the world. You don’t need to take your own life as it’s not yours but a grant of our Lord. So you need to move on. You need to learn how to numb your pain. You need to learn how to stop bleeding. You need to see more of what life has to offer. You need to learn how to be happy without relying on other people. Because in the end nobody stays. Everyone leaves you to rot in your own hell. So you better know how to change that hell into heaven.

1:22 am



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