The Scars From The Bridge

It makes you cross the bridge you were once afraid to get on. Every time you think you are about to reach the end where there is peace, there’s good, there’s hope, you are dragged all the way to the start. Because there’s more to learn. More to earn. More to feel. More to endure.

The journey doesn’t end in real. It never does. You think it’s about the right time. No, it’s never about the time. It’s about the efforts you make to cross it. You may never reach the end safely but if you put your whole heart in making it through, just know you won’t stand in disgrace. But the bruises remain. The scars on your face remain. They are an emblem of you and shine so bright for you.

The journey may not be an easy one but you keep going. That’s what it is all about. It’s just not about the reward. It’s about the hardships you encounter. It’s about the hurdles and sacrifices that make the journey beautiful. And if the journey’s more beautiful than the reward that’s when you know you’ve won.

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