Dearest One

Pain is not only losing your loved one. Pain is in the shape of the memories that haunt you afterwards. They don’t let you move on so easily especially when the one you loved was so dearest to you, so special to you. You’re not able to move on because from the inside you don’t want to stop thinking about that person. You still want to feel their words around you. You still want them to be around in the form of their beautiful words, promises and every thread of their love for you. These are the things you miss when your loved one is gone. Because your person is not there to cherish every moment with, to live with, to spend all the time with, to share every form of happiness with. Then the things you’re left with feel so precious to be forgotten that you become afraid to move on. Because you don’t want them to vanish. You want your heart to beat exactly like it did when you had them with you. But sometimes your heart has to skip it’s beats and start a new melody instead just to survive.

8:27 am



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